Reading JSON into a Python object

While there is nothing wrong with dicts, there are a couple of easier methods to work with JSON structures.


Running your own PyPi repository

Running your own selfhosted Python Package Index repository is really simple and a good option for companies and individuals who wish to host their own Python modules and applications outside the official PyPi repository.


Sync two local directories with rsync

The command line application rsync is an useful application for copying/synchronizing files and directories between two systems. Here are some simple examples to show you how.


Git Notes

A reference of Git configurations and command line examples.


Secure Shell (SSH) Tips

In this article I explain how I configure and use OpenSSH, first on the client side and then some ideas used on the server side configuration.


Useful Bash Snippets

A number of useful snippets for Bash and command line utilities.


X.509 Certificates and PEM order

The full X.509 certificate chain can be kept in a single file, but a common mistake is to not order them correctly. Here is an example of correct ordering, include with a private key.